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Branch Selection
Railway transport companies
Infrastructure operators
Freight wagons (lease and sale)
Workshops for vehicles / mobile maintenance
Providers of logistics services
Rail forwarding agents
Intermodal traffic operators
Shipping companies
Operators of terminals for intermodal traffic
Transhipment/ storage wagon transport
Logistic Center Rail
Freight Villages, Cargo Center, Industrial Park
Education and training
Staff services
Skunting- and Handling Systems
Skunting Equipment
Transshipment and Loading Systems
Umschlagsysteme Waggonverkehr
Communication systems
Software for railway transport companies
Transport containers
Containers/swapbodies/semi-trailers (lease and sale)
Special purpose transport containers (lease and sale)
Workshops and depots for transport containers
Providers of supporting services
Regulatory authorities/ministries/state institutions
Information services/Internet portals /Projects/Trade Fairs / Trade press
Institutes/research/consulting/expert opinions
Associations/interest groups
2B Open Logistics2bopenlogistics.comRail forwarding agentsRomania
2K Lokdienstewww.lokdienste.deStaff servicesGermany
3Squared RailSmartwww.3squared.comSoftware for railway transport companiesUK
4PL Central Station 4plcs.comInstitutes/research/consulting/expert opinionsSwitzerland
4PL Intermodal/ IMSLOTwww.4pl-intermodal.comRail forwarding agents; Software for railway transport companiesGermany
A&N Logistikanlogistik.roOperators of terminals for intermodal traffic; Intermodal traffic operatorsRomania
A.Hartrodtwww.hartrodt.comRail forwarding agentsGermany
A.R.T. Logistics forwarding agentsSwitzerland
A.S.Trade www.astrade.skTranshipment/ storage wagon transportSlovakia
A.V.G. Bildung www.avg-asl.deEducation and trainingGermany
A2B-online Container Moerdijkwww.a2b-online.comRail forwarding agents; Operators of terminals for intermodal trafficNetherlands
AAA Intermodalwww.aaaim.euIntermodal traffic operatorsLithuania
Aare Seeland Mobil www.asmobil.chRailway transport companies; Infrastructure operatorsSwitzerland
Ab Ovo www.ab-ovo.nlSoftware for railway transport companies; Institutes/research/consulting/expert opinionsNetherlands operatorsGermany
Abroll Container Transport ServiceACTS www.actsag.chRail forwarding agents; Special purpose transport containers (lease and sale)Switzerland
Accident Investigation Board Denmark www.hclj.dkRegulatory authorities/ministries/state institutionsDanmark
Acident Investigation Board NorwayAIBN www.aibn.noRegulatory authorities/ministries/state institutionsNorway
AD REM www.adrem.ltRail forwarding agentsLithuania
Adami Autotrasporti www.adamitrasporti.comRail forwarding agentsItaly
Adampol Automotive of terminals for intermodal traffic; Transhipment/ storage wagon transportPoland
Addicks + Kreye Bremen www.addicks.deWorkshops and depots for transport containers; Operators of terminals for intermodal traffic; Rail forwarding agentsGermany
Adelebser Container TerminalACTOperators of terminals for intermodal traffic; Workshops and depots for transport containers
Adler Railadler-rail.euInstitutes/research/consulting/expert opinions; Freight wagons; LocomotivesGermany
Administration des Chemins de Fer www.railinfra.luInfrastructure operatorsLuxembourg
Adminstrator de Infrastructuras FerroviariasADIF www.adif.esInfrastructure operators; Operators of terminals for intermodal trafficSpain
Adria Terminali Koper www.adria-terminali.siTranshipment/ storage wagon transport; Operators of terminals for intermodal trafficSlovenia
Adria Transport www.adria-transport.comRailway transport companies; Intermodal traffic operatorsSlovenia
Adria Transportwww.adria-transport.comRailway transport companies; Intermodal traffic operatorsCroatia
Adriafer Triestewww.adriafer.comRailway transport companiesItaly
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