Here you will find Internet addresses of European companies and institutions engaged in rail freight traffic. At the moment we have circa 4000 addresses in our system.

Please click on the "start search". Then you have the following possibilities:
- selection country and branch
- selection country without branch
- selection branch without country
- input name of company/institution

Here are a few insider tips:
1. It is possible that in some combinations country/ branch the system doesn`t indicate links. In this case please make a selection without branch or country.
2. Service providers active Europe-wide, e.g. providers of Internet services, associations or providers of logistics services, are found more easily if you do not select country. The addresses are allocated to the country of origin, not to the area of action.
3. Adresses which we can`t assign to a country you can find in "without country assignment".
4. Often further links are found on the Internet pages of associations.

The respective company has the sole responsibility for the contents of its Internet pages. We take no responsibility for the practical reliability of the companies or their products/services.

We hope for your understanding.